"In a world with cruel weapons, an act of kindness is an act of rebellion"

Roleplaying Free Company | | Balmung - Crystal Data Center

Just past the winding avenues where the showstopping homes of renowned adventurers and Ul'dahn socialites glimmer like jewels in the desert, there’s a lane oft overlooked. Has it always been there? At the end of this crooked winding path stands a curiosity of a manor, as though Ishgardian sensibility has been carved from Thanalan sandstone.

It certainly isn’t the sort of place one finds unless they know what to look for.

Greenery abounds, taking cues from the natural oasis it is lofted above; a shady, quiet respite from the desert heat. There’s something decidedly nondescript but cozy about this place, something that feels like home to those in need of sanctuary and safehaven.

About the Enclave...

The Ashen Enclave is a humanitarian organization devoted to helping others throughout the realm, regardless of affiliation or circumstance - believing that a single spark of good intention can light the way for many.

From those seeking the most ardent Good to those mired in shades of Morally Grey; healers, activists, adventurers, scholars & strays all have a home under our banner, united by a desire to aid others...each in their own unique way.

The FC, RP & Storylines

Our Rules & Guideines, what we offer, and our RP philosophy

Clinic Hours & Events

Information about Our Ongoing Monthly Events, and Upcoming Ones

Services Offered

Services offered by the Enclave

Joining us

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The Enclave's Mission - (IC)

Lead by the often enigmatic Milloux Allard, The Ashen Enclave ≼Ashen≽ is a humanitarian collective of seemingly disparate individuals woven together by a common thread: to do good by others.

By all public perception, the Ashen Enclave is most known for it's clinic, outreach efforts, and charitable endeavors -- and while the 'Ashen Clinic' may be neither the most creative nor cheerful moniker for a place to receive care; for those that work, live and receive care under it's roof, it’s somber name has come to symbolize hope, opportunity, and a quite literal ‘rising from the ashes’ into the sanctuary it has become.

Those of the Enclave believe they are stronger for the hardships they have endured and overcome, both individually and collectively, and it has led them down this path. It is not someone’s past that matters or defines them, it is how they choose to shape their future, and that of those around them.

The goal of the Ashen Enclave is at once simple and utterly idealistic. To do better than was done to you.

Now and again whispers surface that the Enclave employs those that would seek to help others in more proactive ways -- those seeking to liberate, empower, and protect the oppressed, broken and downtrodden, as well as offering aid to those whose motives remain complicated-at-best in the light of day. Such rumors persist that those within may be seeking knowledge and truth that by, some measures, may be considered downright heretical in certain circles.

Rumors really are funny things.

The Enclave's Mission - (OOC)

It is easy to assume that a Free Company based around the tenants and aspirations of helping others is a strictly Lawful Good organization, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Ashen Enclave. While we ask that our members strive to do their best by and to help others, we also understand that the best characters are multifaceted and sometimes complicated creations with their own strengths, flaws, and at times contradictory goals. RP is at its most interesting when one is able to explore and express those things – and the possible ramifications that may have for one’s character.

Our ideal is to, simply put, have good intentions. Our members strive to do their best, and “doing good for others” can take a whole lot of different forms.

We welcome - and celebrate! - characters with diverse, complicated and messy backstories and motivations, as it makes the tapestry of story we're weaving together all the more colorful, and fun.

The Free Company, Roleplay & Storylines

We are committed as a group to creating diverse character-driven storylines, plots, and events (both long and short-term, social and adventure-oriented) as well as providing resources for our members to develop their own. We encourage our members to bring their own ideas to the table, and want to work with our FCmates, collaborating with one another for the sake of mutual character development and storytelling.

We believe that creativity blossoms most in a supportive environment, and we are all invested in each other’s stories.

Rules & Guidelines

A comprehensive list of our Rules and Guidelines can be found in the link below! We Encourage those interested in the Free Company to take a look over them and familiarize themselves!

Storylines & Roleplay

✧ Current Storylines ✧

  • Flight to Sparrow's Watch - Coerthan Outreach & Intrigue

  • To peer upon a form peculiar - The Ashen Clinic is a unique space. Literally.

  • Levequests, Operative Missions, etc.

✧ What we offer ✧

  • Large House in the Goblet (Ward 9 - Plot 35)

  • Monthly Open Clinic Nights & Workshops

  • Social “Friends & Family” RP nights & One-off Events

  • Long-term plots and d20-style DM'd encounters (Both ingame an utilizing Roll20)

  • Frequent Collaboration with other groups / FCs for events and storylines

  • An active friendly discord

  • ‘Job Board’ style mini-events & RP starters

  • Movie Nights hosted by various FCmates

  • Map Runs & other occasional group pve / pvp activities

  • Small group valuing quality character-driven storytelling & development

Free Company Ranks

Lady Advocate - Milloux Allard
Leader and Public face of the Enclave.

Directors - Etienne Clairemont, Kowa Brimaine, Jaaster Taras
Oversee day-to-day operations, leads research and healing divisions. Advisors to the Advocate, senior staff members, coordinate events, manage OOC issues, etc.

General Staff

Meliorists -
Healing Staff (Aetheric & Chirugery,) Alchemists, Research Staff.

Operative -
Martial Staff (Guards, etc. May work on more 'vigilante' covert operations or assist on more ‘active’ Outreach in an official capacity)

Liaison -
Counselors, Outreach Efforts, Couriers, Event Planning, Artisans, Engineers, Culinarians, etc.

Paissa -
Trial rank!

Clinic Hours & Events

✧ Open Clinic Night ✧

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month 8:30 - 11:30PM EST/EDT

✧ Hollistic Wellness Workshops ✧

Every 4th Thursday of the Month 8:30 - 11:30PM EST/EDT

✧ Onsite Outreach and Clinics ✧

The Enclave periodically sets up On-Site clinics around the various city-states to better reach those in need of care. Current Outreach effort has brought the free company to Ishgard, where ongoing care & supply packages, inoculation against ill humors, and wellness care is bring provided to the people of the Brume.

✧ Other Events ✧

We frequently host one-off charitable events, including fundraisers, small festivals, potluck suppers & public feasts and our annual Gala in order to engage with the community and raise funds for the organization's operation.

We also gladly and frequently participate in events hosted by other free companies & groups whose missions and goals match our own. Need Healers or support for an upcoming event? We are happy to help!

Joining the Enclave

We are a small, well-established, and tightly-knit Roleplay Free-Company. Many of us have been RPing and gaming together for over half a decade or longer over several games, though we welcome the opportunity to bring new faces into our cozy little corner of the server!

It is our goal to foster a welcoming, accepting, and comfortable environment. We are LGBTQA+ inclusive, and most of our members are in their late 20’s - 40’s.

Please note: we are primarily NA (EST / CST) based and our activity reflects this!

We welcome those that take their love of the game, and of roleplaying, seriously - but also understand the clear division of IC and OOC. Folks that treat one another kindness and respect, and those that like to have fun.

Players that join, or are looking to join, the Ashen Enclave should be aware that while we strive to RP with each other regularly, and most of us do, the majority of the FC is comprised of folks that are sometimes pulled away from the game for IRL responsibilities.

Our events - including Open Clinic Nights, Workshops, scheduled storylines & DM'd events, and job board postings exist to facilitate regular RP for our members.

Those looking for a free company that regularly has 15+ members online and events every night of the week may not find what they are looking for with us.

What you can expect is a small group of friendly, welcoming, and close-knit RPers seeking a low-key experience from the game, friends that are invested in each other's stories & characters, and in creating new stories together.

And puns. A few of our members really like puns.

✧ Who we are looking for ✧

The Ashen Enclave is an 18+ Only Free Company.

❧ While we are always looking for, and welcome, healers of all stripes and skill levels, we are certain we can fit just about any character concept into the FC. The Enclave is a collective of folks with a diverse range of skills, interests and backgrounds.

❧ Want to RP with us but don’t want to leave your current Free Company or Server? We always welcome volunteer healers & helpers, associates & investors, and other friends into the fold! We have an in-character Linkshell and Discord for those wishing to RP with us, and are happy to arrange an In-character meeting after you apply!

❧ Applications may take one-to-two weeks to process! After we have reviewed your application, you will be contacted by an Officer to let you know your status!

❧ If your application is accepted, you will be asked to participate in an In-character Interview! This allows us to get to know your character, and for you to ask questions, and for all of us to see if it will be a good fit!

Services Offered

The Enclave offers a wide array of services related to wellness care and emergency services, emotional counseling, alchemical research & production, and research into unusual and rare afflictions.

✧ Appointments ✧

Do you wish to make an appointment, but can’t make our Open Clinic Night? Would you prefer a private consultation, or comprehensive care / evaluation? Does your organization or event require healing staff?

Our attendants will pass this information along to our medical staff, who will make arrangements to meet with you at everyone’s earliest convenience!